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    We have given our customers a voice and asked them three questions. In this way, we seek to present companies we´ve been doing business with for many years, and to make your opinions on our payment systems available to the public.

micropayment™ fundraising: Deutsches Rotes Kreuz e.V.

"micropayment™ is a longstanding and reliable partner of the Federal Association of the German Red Cross. Professional management, expert advice and customer-oriented service are some of the service provider´s strengths."

micropayment™ Kunde: Wikimedia Deutschland

"micropayment™ supports Wikimedia during transactions for once-only and regular credit card donations. These donations are largely derived via the online donation campaign in Wikipedia."

micropayment™ Browsergames: upjers GmbH & Co KG

"With micropayment™ we can offer many different payment types through a single interface, and what´s more, it´s easy to use.

micropayment™ Browsergames: GameDuell GmbH

"The solutions offered by micropayment™ as a payment service provider are ideal for us, since this cooperation allows us to offer a diverse range of payment options preferred by our customers.

micropayment™ fundraising: Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V.

"It´s very important to us that our credit card donations can be processed reliably and in complete safety. Our benefactors are sure of this, thanks to micropayment™."

micropayment™ Kunde: VIPrize GmbH

"micropayment™provides us with the data we need to optimise our business model and in addition, helpful suggestions for further configuration levels."

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micropayment™ Händler: Entsorgung Punkt DE GmbH

"Als verlässlicher Partner hilft Micropayment, den Dienst sicher anzubieten, erlaubt eine individuelle Integration in unseren Online-Shop und unterstützt unser Controlling."

micropayment™ fundraising: German Doctors e.V.

"It is crucial for German Doctors that an online payment system is user-friendly and not perceived as a hurdle by the donor."

micropayment™ Browsergame: XSOLLA

"micropayment™ has been providing us with excellent support for six years now."

micropayment™ Kunde: Crafters UG

"Für uns als Startup muss ein Online-Bezahlsystem einfach in der Handhabung und Implementierung sein. Die Vielfalt der Bezahlmethoden über eine Schnittstelle, ist darüber hinaus nicht nur ein Vorteil für uns, sondern vor allem für unsere Kunden."

micropayment™ Kunde: velia.net Internetdienste GmbH

"We are very glad that we always have a personal, competent contact at Micropayment which we can contact if we need specific feedback on individual transactions."

micropayment™ Browsergames: OnlineFussballManager GmbH

"Support is an important issue for us and we keep the support for our customers as short as possible. That is why we appreciate the close and uncomplicated cooperation with micropayment™."

micropayment™ Kunde: OTL - Online Trainer GmbH

"micropayment™ automates our payment methods and makes our everyday work easier. We can offer our customers a variety of modern payment methods - safe, professional and optimised for mobile devices.

micropayment™ Kunde: Aboalarm GmbH

"micropayment™ processes debit and mobile phone payment transactions, proving itself very reliable - regardless of the transaction volume."

micropayment™ Kunde: unikat media GmbH

"Customers place the highest priority on user friendliness when considering online payment systems. A payment window that is clearly displayed and reputable gains customer trust and reduces the number of purchase cancellations."

micropayment™ Kunde: Sports Trade GmbH

"New requests made by us are implemented as quickly as possible, and the professional support provided has always helped us."

micropayment™ Spendenorganisation: Tierschutz-Shop TSS GmbH & Co. KG

"micropayment™ guarantees that the entire payment process is processed securely in our donors´ interests.

micropayment™ Shop: müZe

"micropayment™ offers us efficiency, speed and high rates of automation. We save lots of time by working together!"

micropayment™ Kunde: Randgruppe GmbH

"Für uns als Shopsystementwickler steht die Integration selbst zunächst im Vordergrund und dafür ist eine gute Kommunikation mit dem Schnittstellenpartner sehr wichtig."

micropayment™ Kunde: Lebenszahlen.de

"micropayment™ has been helping me to process my online payments quickly and reliably since 2008. During this time, I have been given assistance with technical and organisational issues by the same contact person."